Powerful engagement banking is   scientific emotional data-driven

The Dreams platform is modular, scalable, and ready to launch in weeks.

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Dreams is an embedded

Dreams is an embedded, personalized CX layer that frames and enhances your existing digital financial products.

The result is an experience that’s personal, emotional and highly engaging.

One platform, multiple business opportunities

Improve customer experience

Offer an enhanced digital experience that turns customers into brand advocates.

Boost revenues

Monetize customer retention and engagement through SUM, AUM and loan book.

Increase upsell/x-sell

Sell additional financial products, based on actionable insights from Dreams data.

Faster go-to-market

Stay ahead of the competition by launching new product innovations quickly.

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The Dreams platform is embedded into UKRSIBBANK’s mobile banking app, giving customers a rich user experience and personalised ways to save.

The Dreams platform allows us to create new dimensions of customer engagement, bolster our CSR strategy, and drive additional revenue and growth opportunities. Konstantin Lezhnin, Head of Retail at UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group

Driven by science

Dreams is co-created with leading scientists from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to deliver radical new ways to boost your customers’ engagement and financial wellbeing.

Designed to be emotional

Designed to be emotional

Emotions are the most powerful driver of human behaviour. The Dreams user experience taps directly into your customers’ emotions to motivate positive action and lasting behaviour change.

Rich data powers actionable insights

The platform delivers an enhanced, 360° view of your customers’ dreams, actions and behaviours.

Combine rich intent data with transactional and open banking data for a uniquely personalised experience and highly-accurate upsell/cross-sell recommendations.

Rich data

Our modules

Our modules frame your existing financial products to deliver a more engaging customer experience. The whitelabeled components can be used standalone or in combination.

Debt management

Quick to integrate and ready to scale

Quick to integrate

Easy to embed

With our dynamic front-end solutions, you can be ready to launch in weeks.

PII-light integration

Designed inside-out for minimal PII dependency, minimising the need for personal information sharing.

Scalable anywhere

Our cloud native solution is quick and easy to scale from local to global, with the highest possible performance and resilience across borders.

Fast integration

Minimize implementation time with standardized APIs, well-documented SDKs and an extensive self-service toolbox.

Effective engagement banking

In Sweden and Norway, our successful consumer app attracts a younger audience, 20-40, and 69% female users.

Better financial health

2000 € extra savings per year

Better financial wellbeing

2/3 users less stressed after 2 months

Increased engagement

x15 positive interactions per month

Increased business value

0.3% credit losses with debt management