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Behind the idea of Dreams Technology – The Fintech Times

A recent Gallup report revealed that engaged customers bring 37 per cent more annual revenue compared to disengaged customers​. Yet, according to another Gallup report, only 32 per cent of Americans report feeling confident in banks​ and only 21 per cent of Europeans feel that their bank wants what is best for them​, which suggests that far too many banks still have inadequate engagement strategies in place. With the next big intergenerational wealth transfer on the horizon, in which an estimated £5.5trillion of wealth is set to move hands in the UK, the need for banks to attract and engage the next generation of customers has become even more critical.

Henrik Rosvall is the CEO and co-founder of Dreams, a provider of engagement banking solutions which operationalises insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to enhance emotional engagement and financial wellbeing of banking customers. Its platform enables end-users to become better at saving, investing and living more sustainably, while helping banks cater to the needs of new target audiences, increase customer engagement and drive digital sales.

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