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Let’s make financially sustainable living an everyday reality for people​


The first engagement banking experience to effectively drive customer action

8 years invested into the development of our scientific method​ by our in-house science team

Over 100 insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics built into the interface​

Research collaborations with 8 worldwide leading institutions​ and  30+ external researchers

Scientific studies run on thousands of end-users to improve our method​

Our History

Making savings personal and emotional since 2014

It all started with the dream of our co-founders to develop a product that helps people improve their financial wellbeing by making savings simple and fun. In 2016, Dreams launched the service as a consumer app in Sweden, offering a savings experience that’s science-based, delightful and confidence-boosting.

In 2018, Dreams added an investment module to facilitate longer-term dreams and launched the savings experience in Norway. In 2019, the debt management module was introduced in Norway to help people consolidate debts and reduce financial stress.

In 2020, with 500,000 happy customers in Sweden and Norway and a growing interest in the banking industry, Dreams Technology launched its B2B SaaS offering to banks worldwide as an embedded, white-labelled solution. Now our dream of helping millions of people to achieve greater financial wellbeing is becoming a reality.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create deeper and more valuable relationships between banks and customers.

Building on insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics, the Dreams engagement banking platform offers unparalleled effectiveness in activating intrinsic motivation and driving sustainable behavioural change. Our scientific approach has proven results for key economical and social sustainability goals, including increasing financial wellbeing, financial and gender equality, and responsible consumption.

We design financial services that fit neatly into people’s lives, making it easier and more fun to save, invest and pay off debt. We believe that we can help financial wellbeing become a reality for millions of people by seamlessly integrating our solutions into existing bank apps, while empowering banks to meaningfully engage with their customers and drive new revenue streams.​

Meet our Management Team​

We’re a dynamic group of innovative people, combining our expertise and passion to best serve banks and financial institutions across the globe to empower their customers to live more financially sustainable lives.

Henrik Rosvall
Chief Executive Officer
Didde Brockman
Chief Product/Tech Officer
Lucia Hegenbartova
Chief Commercial Officer
Elena Vallin​
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Awards & Recognitions​

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