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Make debt management action-based and effortless

“Repaying debt is experienced as a more negative action than saving up money. When repaying, you’re starting off from minus and working your way up to zero, while saving money feels like building wealth right away.”

— Elin Helander, Msc. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Chief Science Officer at Dreams Institute

The Dreams experience is designed to engage your customers, help them build financial confidence and motivate healthy financial habits.

Within the Dreams experience, the customer can naturally progress from servicing their debt to saving money to investing, which allows you to build truly long-lasting relationships.

Motivate customers to service their debt​

The Debt Management module empowers bank customers to repay their loans or service their debt by helping them to find money they didn’t know they had while making the experience fun and rewarding.

debt management
Make it easier for people to service their debt and overcome procrastination
Give hope

Induce hope and optimism by encouraging prompt and boosts

Lower barriers to act

Keep the necessary number of steps low and use clear and comprehensive language

Build self-confidence

Show instant progress and reward along the way

Bundle temptation

Combine a “must” behaviour with an enjoyable activity to teach people a strategy to overcome self-control issues

Reap the benefits of effective debt management support

From instant cost saving to long-term business impact​

Customer ​expansion​

Increase loan book by upselling debt consolidation to existing customers.​

Customer ​acquisition​

Tap into unique positioning to acquire new customer segments cost-efficiently.​

Brand impact

Build brand perception and trust with your customers.​

Accelerated Innovation

Accelerate time-to-market and maximise the impact of your investment.​

Relationship longevity

Retain customers and build long-lasting relationships beyond lending.​


Increase the value of existing customers

Grow loan book​

Grow your loan book by consolidating your customers’ 3rd party consumer loans.​

Reduce churn

Lower the churn by providing an enhanced product that combines guidance and personalisation to create deep customer engagement.​

Reduce risk of default

Reduce credit default risk by providing actionable, proven methodology for payment including payment automation.​

Help your customers progress from servicing their debt to saving money to investing

average consolidation amount
average no. of loans consolidated
credit defaults
lower churn for Dreams users

* vs. €38228 average total unsecured household debt in Norway

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