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The first engagement banking experience that is truly backed by science


Science is in our DNA

The Dreams platform has been co-created with leading scientists from the fields of
→ Psychology​
→ Neuroscience​
→ Behavioural economics​

Science is deeply embedded into our product development and everything we do, in order to deliver radical new ways to boost customers’ digital engagement and financial wellbeing.


Tap into your customers’ emotions to activate their intrinsic motivation and trigger lasting behavioural change

Dreams Institute is Dreams Technology’s scientific hub and knowledge centre that collaborates with a network of world-leading scientists to translate behavioural science into business impact. Dreams Institute’s experts bridge the gap between academia and industry to help financial institutions reach their business goals and help their customers to thrive.

The first engagement banking experience to effectively drive customer action

9 years invested into the development of our scientific method​ by our in-house science team

Over 100 insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics built into the interface​

Research collaborations with 8 worldwide leading institutions​ and  30+ external researchers

Scientific studies run on thousands of end-users to improve our method​

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Motivate people to take action and live more sustainably by increasing their financial wellbeing

As with all behavioural change, helping customers go from intention to action is hard. In behavioural science, this phenomenon is called the intention-action gap, and it’s one of the most important challenges to understand and counteract if we’re to help customers take positive action.

To close the intention-action gap and create positive and impactful financial behaviours, we:
→ Reduce stress and anxiety
→ Infuse positive emotions
→ Build financial confidence
→ Increase financial wellbeing
→ Reward progress to build self-efficacy

The Dreams Scientific Framework for Action Creation


Do customers want to take the action?

The Dreams methodology improves motivation by helping end-customers to:

  • Connect to their future selves.
  • Create an emotional connection to their financial goals.
  • Make financial goals social by enabling users to share them with their family and friends.

Are customers able to take the action?

The Dreams methodology improves ability by:

  • Breaking down goals into smaller more manageable subgoals.
  • Highlighting how small changes in daily life can have a great impact over time.
  • Communicating (in language and design) in a way that end-customers understand and identify with.
  • Giving the right feedback at the right time to celebrate progress.
  • Reward positive behaviours with moments of joy.

Is there an easy way to initiate and sustain the action?

In the Dreams method, we do this by:

  • Using triggers where money is saved in response to certain external events.
  • Using automatic transfer and thereby changing the financial context for the end-customer.
  • Linking saving advice to everyday behaviours.

It starts with a dream

Dreams Technology’s scientific method makes people engage with their finances in a sustainable way.

Step 01

Start dreaming

To form habits and saving identity

Step 02

Find money

By using our tools and Savehacks

Step 03

Gain confidence

By taking steps forward and making their first dream come true

Step 04

Expand horizon

Plan for the future, save more long-term and dare to dream even bigger

Step 05

Celebrate success

Reward positive actions and start enjoying the “Dreams effect”

Step 06

Take control

Take control of unsecured loans to further increase stability

Proven Impact

Dreams Technology’s scientific method has proven results for key economical and social sustainability goals.

  • It facilitates financial inclusion and equality by attracting younger generations, women and inactive savers
  • It activates passive users and turns them into engaged customers
  • It influences behaviour by encouraging customers to re-evaluate their habits and form a more mindful approach to consumption and a more sustainable lifestyle
  • It makes people engage with their finances and positively impacts their financial wellbeing

For the individual

saved more per year
monthly in-app interactions
feel more confident about money


feel less stressed about money

For the bank

retention vs. fintech peers
save for the long-term
carbon footprint reduced
per user per year
millennial users

For the society

(contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals)

of user base consist of women
of user base are more mindful of their consumption
of user base have increased financial wellbeing
have saved with green Savehacks
of user base had no saving habit at start

Discover how our methodology can enhance your product offering and drive engagement and revenue in your digital application!

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