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Transform your digital banking experience with the power of dreams


Goal-based savings with science at its core

The Dreams Technology user experience is the result of 100+ scientific insights and is built around how the human mind works. It empowers your customers to engage with their finances and improve their financial wellbeing.

It taps into customers’ emotions to activate their intrinsic motivation and triggers lasting behavioural change, while personal goals drive customer engagement and provide valuable data for up- & cross-sell.

goal based savings 2
Differentiate from your competitors by turning goal-based savings into dreams

Make saving as easy and enjoyable as spending. How? By helping customers to make an emotional connection with their savings goals. For us, at Dreams Technology, everything starts with a dream.

Instead of telling people that it’s important to save or invest more money for an abstract reason in the distant future, we ask them what exactly they want to do with their money, and what they dream about doing. 

Our highly engaging goal-based savings solutions help customers to overcome the intention-action gap and build long-term loyalty by

  • Turning negative emotions into positive
  • Making money personal & emotional
  • Making it fun to do the right thing
  • Boosting financial wellbeing

Bridge the intention-action gap by focusing on emotions

Help customers to take meaningful action

Many PFM tools fail to drive behavioural change and engagement because they focus solely on providing information about customers’ spending habits without any meaningful encouragement to change that behaviour going forward. Instead, we combine information with positive emotions and simple, attractive actions to drive lasting behavioural change.

“Early implementations of digital money management tools have fallen short of customers’ expectations, failing to drive behavioural change and resulting in poor customer adoption.”

→ Forrester: The Financial Wellbeing Opportunity (2020)

Go beyond traditional goal-based savings

Tap into people’s deepest desires by framing the experience in a way that’s personal and emotional and helps customers to visualise their savings goals and find the motivation they need to succeed. Customers can create their own dreams, or get ideas from our inspiration centre.

  • Inspire customers to save long-term
  • Make saving fun and easy with our unique Savehacks
  • Encourage customers to save together in group dreams
  • Boost customers’ financial wellbeing
  • Help customers save money and CO2 at the same time
Inspiration centre

Get intent data to boost your digital sales 

Personal goals give valuable intent data. See your customers’ wishes, their intentions, and what they’re planning to do next, so you can target them with the right offer at the right time, like a mortgage offer when they’ve almost finished saving the deposit for an apartment.


Inspire your customers to envision their future

Utilise the Dreams inspirations to effectively inspire your customers to imagine and connect with their future.


Inspire your customers to dream long-term

Increase usage of long-term Dreams by displaying them more prominently in the inspiration center.


Enable people to create their own dreams

Let customers create their own custom dreams, including selecting their own image to make the dream truly personal.


Enable people to save together in group dreams

Enable your customers to save for common dreams together with their friends and family. 


Enable generic, default and open-ended dreams
  • Generic dreams streamline the path to saving for users who don’t need to earmark their savings.
  • Open-ended dreams have a specific purpose but no end date/target amount.
  • Default generic dreams are pre-set dreams that can increase first-time savings by 12%.

Drive new revenue streams with goal-based savings that work

more savings per year
feel more positive about their finances
of Dreams are long-term
had no savings habits at start

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