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How can banks boost financial ability and build loyalty during turbulent times

All around us, global financial instability and increasing inflation are putting pressure on household finances. People who could, until recently, afford a more relaxed approach to their consumption and savings are now being forced to seriously reevaluate their spending habits. The cost-of-living crisis is here.

With this shift in financial urgency and awareness, we can assume an increase in motivation for saving and caring for one’s finances. We know that motivation is important for a behaviour to occur, but we know that motivation alone is not enough to create persistent behavioural change. 

Download our white paper to learn:

  • how stress caused by the cost-of-living crisis negatively impacts customers’ financial ability
  • why it’s important for banks to boost the actual and perceived financial ability to grow revenue and build customer loyalty
  • practical examples for banks to boost their customers’ financial ability in their own products and experiences

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