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Activate first-time investors to increase assets under management

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Bridge the gap between saving and investing

The Dreams investment module is an embedded CX layer that increases engagement in investment products through emotional contextualisation.

It simplifies fund investing, increases business impact across the customer lifecycle and drives AUM growth through contextual upsell that is driven by rich intent data and emotional triggers. ​

Keeping up long-term motivation for long-term investments is key. Help your customers to overcome the present bias by building an emotional connection with their future selves. Give money more meaning and associate it with motives that are closer to your customers’ desires and values to activate their intrinsic motivation.​

Motivate your customers to plan for the long-term

Maintain long-term engagement

Engage customers with regular boosts through messages via your chosen channels.

Increase feeling of security

Inspire buffer savings as well as long-term dreams.

Increase connectedness to future self

Prompt people to visualise and think about their future selves.

Build investment identity

Strengthen people’s confidence and their identity as an investor.

Attract the next generation ahead of the upcoming intergenerational wealth transfer

On average $1.5tn p.a. of assets leave firms following succession.

→ Orbium and Accenture, Survive and thrive to 2025 (2021)​

Earning the long-term loyalty of millennials, the heirs of the intergenerational wealth transfer, is crucial to retain assets transferred across generations. ​

​Millennials are expected to leverage their wealth in new and innovative ways, therefore understanding and acting upon their needs and expectations and creating client experiences that “wow” this customer segment will increase the chances for firms to retain the assets eventually transferred. ​

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Activate first-time investors and help existing investors invest smarter​


Help people understand the value of investing
  • Demystify and debunk the myths about investing to help people to re-evaluate the risks and barriers associated with investing and the market.
  • Show how investing can give a better return vs cash saving, especially with inflation and historically low-interest rates.
  • Show people that the best way to achieve their dreams is to start investing in them.​


Make it easy to invest
  • Make investing personal by framing the investment as a personal dream/goal.
  • Avoid the need for complex decision-making and information overload.
  • Show people how to find money to save/invest, based on their everyday behaviour.
  • Make investing accessible to everyone, by making it affordable.


Offer funds that generate the returns users need to achieve their dreams
  • Empower your customers to achieve stable returns with moderate volatility over time.​

Drive AUM growth through contextual upsells that are driven by rich intent data and emotional triggers.

Increase and retain Assets Under Management

Help everyday people become investors and existing investors to invest smarter

feel more confident about money
made their first investment during their first year

of Dreams are long-term

use the investment option

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