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Make saving fun and engaging with Savehacks

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Empower your customers to save money and live more sustainable lives​​

Savehacks are unique micro-savings mechanisms that help customers to find money to achieve their dreams. They are an ingenious way of translating behaviours into savings. 

Using scientific techniques like temptation bundling, we help people reprogram their attitude towards financially positive behaviours (like saving) by combining them with simple and fun activities.

Every day, Savehacks are inspiring more and more customers to change their habits and live more sustainable lives. 

There are over 100 Savehacks to choose from, to fit different lifestyles and personalities. Some are automated and some are manual, but each one is designed to make saving easy and fun. In fact, the more playful they are, the more popular they are.

Lifestyle Savehacks

Empower customers to turn consumption habits into saving habits.

Green Savehacks

Gently nudge your customers towards more environmentally positive choices.

Automated Savehacks

Offer customers effortless ways to save, invest and manage debt.

Most goal-based savings solutions fail because they neglect to help people to reach their goals.

Leverage our emotional and personalised Savehacks to elevate your customer experience and boost your customers’ ability to achieve their goals and ambitions. 

The science behind savehacks 

  • Break down goals into smaller, more manageable sub-goals
  • Highlight how small changes in daily life can have a big impact over time
  • Communicate (in language and design) in a way that customers can understand and identify with
  • Celebrate progress by giving the right feedback at the right time
  • Reward positive behaviours with joyful moments

Empower your customers to achieve their dreams

more savings per year
monthly in-app interactions
save with green savehacks


report higher financial confidence

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