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Boost your customers’ financial wellbeing and strengthen your balance sheet

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Make savings more personal to increase engagement with your existing savings products

The Dreams savings module is an embedded CX layer that makes savings more personal, innovative and fun.

It helps people save their own money to make their dreams come true. Through emotional contextualisation it rewards progress and builds self-efficacy while reducing anxiety and procrastination.

Increase SUM and strengthen your balance sheet

Our saving module helps you drive SUM growth by providing effective savings support that contains innovative & motivating ways to save money. It also serves as an excellent gateway for upselling to investment and other products.

Drive digital sales by leveraging intent data

By combining rich intent data with transactional and open banking data, you can offer a uniquely personal experience along with highly accurate up & cross-sell recommendations. The right product to the right customer at the right time.

Increase financial health & wellbeing

Our savings module empowers, inspires and rewards users to save for later

  • Lowers barriers and builds confidence
  • Makes money personal and emotional
  • Builds self-efficacy
  • Celebrates positive and habit-changing behaviour
Differentiate with a personalised experience to attract and retain customers

​Build long-lasting relationships with your existing customers and acquire new customer segments cost-efficiently by offering a value-added service that helps customers achieve their dreams.

Meet Savehacks, our award-winning personal savings tools​

100+ ways to save​

Help customers find more money by turning their consumption habits into saving habits with our unique Savehacks, designed to appeal to a variety of financial personalities, lifestyles and preferences. When activated, Savehacks move money from current accounts to a dedicated saving or investment account linked to a specific dream.

Save automatically

Provide a “self-driving” experience with automated Savehacks. The most popular is “Autopilot”, which automatically withdraws the necessary weekly amount to reach the goal in time.​

Save together with friends and family

Enable your customers to save for common dreams together with their friends and family. A fantastic way to acquire new customers who haven’t previously had an account with your bank.

Save for change

Help to inspire positive change in spending habits and behaviours with Savehacks, like “Stop smoking” and “Exercise outside”.​

Save sustainably

Nudge customers towards more environmentally responsible consumption with green Savehacks like “Eat Vegetarian” and “Buy Second Hand”.​

Save for fun

Help customers reprogram their attitude to saving by combining saving with an enjoyable activity or event, like when they’re gaming (Rocket) or when their favourite football team scores a goal (Savegoal).​

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Turn saving into an experience as enjoyable as spending​

more savings per year
monthly in-app interactions
had no savings habit at start

report increased financial wellbeing

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