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Speed up your transition to net zero with behavioural science​​

Attract and engage value-driven customers

Climate is top of mind amongst customers and consumers are actively looking to engage with companies that align with their values. Banks that include customers in their environmental sustainability efforts will create strong value alignment with their customers. This level of value alignment is important for attracting new customers as well as engaging existing ones.​

→ Nature: Young people’s climate anxiety (2021)

→ Nature: Young people’s climate anxiety (2021)

→ Bloomberg:Next-Gen Connect: 2021 and the Future of Investing​

→ Kearney: Attitude towards Retail Banking in Europe

Reduce carbon emissions by inspiring customers towards more mindful consumption

Our Sustainability module uses insights from psychology, cognitive neuroscience and behavioural economics to spur engagement for sustainable consumption and climate action, while also helping customers to cope with their climate anxiety.


Go beyond a carbon calculator

Carbon calculators, just like PFM tools, have failed to deliver by simply providing detailed information on customers’ habits. While some information is useful to guide customers towards impactful changes to their behaviours, this information needs to be linked to positive emotions and simple, attractive ways of taking action. Instead of just showing customers how much CO2 they emit with their current lifestyle, give them encouragement and realistic calls to action they can act upon.

Transform the use of CO2 data into measurable sustainable financial actions by

  • transforming data into emotions,
  • tapping into customers’ intrinsic motivation​
  • combined with adequate prompts.

Lower the threshold for users to take good actions


Match transaction data to CO2 emissions


Simplify and contextualise the CO2 data to customer lifestyles​


Make the knowledge actionable with green savehacks


Help customers see the impact of their lifestyle changes​

Reach your net zero commitments faster​

Banks can create enormous social and business impact by influencing customers to change their consumer habits and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Motivate people to take actions that lead to positive outcomes for the customer, the bank & the environment

With our green saving tools, we inspire, nudge and motivate customers to change their consumer habits and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. So far, 22% of our user base has used them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Based on a sample of 123,000 of our users, we estimate a total reduction in emissions of more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2e in 2021 alone. ​

​For banks, this represents a powerful and unique opportunity to engage with customers in a way that benefits the customer, the bank and the environment.​


Engage your customers in your transition to net zero

carbon footprint reduced/user/year
save with green Savehacks
more mindful of their consumption
feel more confident about money

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